Welcome to Little Kitchen Magicians!

Little Kitchen Magicians is a unique healthy, educational & fun pop up cookery school for children & their parents/carers in Cornwall.

Our workshops are enjoyed by 2 to 11 year olds, parents with weaning babies and families. Also, we work with nurseries, childminding groups, children centres, pre-schools, primary schools, housing associations and foodbanks. Plus, we love providing fun cooking birthday parties.

We offer teaching, guidance and support with the vision to learn and enhance a life skill; increase food knowledge and awareness (such as field to fork stages). Whilst at the same time giving the child and the parent increased quality time together, greater confidence in food preparation & cooking and some delicious food to takeaway.

Not only do we provide cookery workshops but we can support your journey by offering direction to various cookery/food resources.

These workshops are fantastic for children as they are linked to many other educational areas too – such as numeracy, literacy, nutrition, shapes, seasonality, geography, cultural awareness, art, gardening, etc.

Also, Little Kitchen Magicians was shortlisted for the Cornwall Sustainabilities Awards in December 2014.

For further information, please email me: lizzie@littlekitchenmagicians.com

Lizzie – Little Kitchen Magicians’ Owner
(Photo by Exposure Photo Agency)