Spring 2017 Term – Childrens’ Cookery Classes

SPRING 2017 TERM – Childrens’ Cookery Workshops

Please find below the childrens’ cookery classes at Heartlands.
* Chicken Chow Mein  


THEME: Chinese New Year

Having fun celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Saturday, 21st January HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Nuggets of Succulent Chicken & Sweet Potato Wedges 


THEME: A Healthy Twist

Often seen as fast food and more often than not as unhealthy so here is a delicious version but with a healthy twist!

Saturday, 4th February HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Mixed Berry Scone Round with a Drizzly Glaze 


THEME: Special Half-Term Holiday Workshop

A traditional Cornish afternoon tea recipe remade into a family tare and share dish. A childhood favourite!

Saturday, 18th February HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Spring Fish Pie 


THEME: Sea Adventure

Cornwall is very lucky to be surrounded by so much coastline and a variety of seafood. This dish is a great introduction to seafood & some of our Cornish heritage. There may be a mention of a few pirate stories too.

Saturday, 4th March HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Tomato & Goat Cheese Tartlets and Salmon Tartlets 


THEME: Springtime

Understanding seasons and the field to plate stages. Children get to plant their own tomato & herb seeds, and then take them away to watch them grow.

Saturday, 18th March HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Fresh Fruit Mille Feuilles 


THEME: Easter

Create your own flaky pastry mille feuilles with layers of fresh mixed fruit and creamy filling. This is a delicious alternative to those chocolate eggs.

Saturday, 8th April HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)

If your child has a food allergy or is vegetarian, AND would like to cook with us, please contact us! We always do our best to offer alternative ingredients, where possible.


WHAT IS INCLUDED AT EACH WORKSHOP:  ingredients, aprons & chef hats, takeaway boxes, recipe sheets, arts/craft materials (for whilst the goodies cook).


LOCATION: Heartlands (TR15 3QY)

LENGTH: (aprox.) 90-120 mins (we take classes at the childrens’ pace)

START TIME: 9.45am

AGE GROUPS: 2 to 11 years

GROUP SIZE: 12 children (children aged 7 or less must be accompanied with an adult)


  • One-off workshop is £14 (per 1 child)*
  • SPECIAL OFFER – 25% OFF – 6 SPRING 2017 TERM WORKSHOPS – £63 per child.



To book or for more information, please click here or call Lizzie on 07968606580

***PAYMENT TERMS*** Payment must be received within 7 days of you receiving your e-mail booking confirmation via bank transfer or cheque. 
***BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS*** We kindly ask any attendees to inform us of any illness, cuts/sores and allergens. 
Unfortunately, anyone who has been suffering from diahroea and/or vomiting within 48 hours of a cookery workshop, we kindly ask to refrain from cooking.
Although unlikely, we do reserve the right to cancel a course or workshop due to circumstances beyond our control. 
If this occurs we will credit your course/cookery workshop or offer a suitable alternative course/ workshop to the same value.
If you have any queries about these points or the cookery workshops, please do contact us on the contact details below. 
Thank you for your kind understanding.