6 WEEK COURSE for AUTUMN 2017: Childrens’ Cookery Workshop at Heartlands

Little Kitchen Magicians have healthy cookery workshops for 2 to 11 year olds and parents/carers.

Our children’s cookery workshops are great for developing cookery skills (a life skill), adventurous eating, fine motor skills, confidence, supporting and developing healthy eating foundations, focus and learning where our food comes from….and for those who just love cooking! It’s excellent for linking to maths, science & English and much more too.

During these workshops, dishes are created from scratch, then your child & you can take them home to share and munch toegether.

Where possible we use local foods in our dishes (from local producers/suppliers).

Plus we have a foodie topic which we talk about at each workshop, and then whilst the dish cooks, we do a little arts/crafts related to the topic.

Whether or not your child is adventurous with food, the most important thing is that the workshop is taken at their pace so they can discover new ingredients & skills & they have fun! Plus it’s a lovely time for parent/carer to spend with their child.

This term, we will create delicious dishes from scratch to take home with a recipe card….these are great family recipes too! See below or visit: http://www.littlekitchenmagicians.com/home/workshops/

Workshop Details:

* Trio of English Fruity Desserts  

THEME: Love British Foods

Britain has a great variety of savoury & sweet foods, and we wanted to highlight a few of them. Plus we will be using seasonal British fruits (blackberries, apples, plums and pears).

Saturday, 30th September
* Stir Fry Beef with Noodles & Super Power Veggies

THEME: Superheroes

Discover what your superhero loves to eat. Then create your own superhero food which will give you super powers to protect you!

Saturday, 7th October HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Design Your Favourite Breakfast

THEME: Egg Week

Eggs are an ‘egg-ceptional’ source of protein. We can use eggs in lots of different ways. However, we thought as it’s Egg Week and this year’s theme is ‘Britain’s Favourite Breakfast’ we should design our own breakfast!

Saturday, 14th October HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Banana Bread Muffins

THEME: World Fair Trade Week

It is easy to forget how far away our food is grown sometimes. At this workshop, we will be talking about where in the world our food is grown (such as bananas, chocolate and tea).

Saturday, 11th November HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Design Your Own Pasty

THEME: Inventions

What ingredients would you use to make your own favourite pasty?

Saturday, 18th November HEARTLANDS (TR15 3QY)
* Christmas Decorated Triple Chocolate Cookies

THEME: Christmas

These Christmas cookies are moorish. We will be baking chocolate cookies and decorating them like Christmas puddings. Makes a great gift too!

Saturday, 2nd December HEARTLANDS (TR15 3Q
To book or for more information, please e-mail lizzie@littlekitchenmagicians.com