Octopus (Family Magazine) reviews Little Kitchen Magicians (2014)

OCTOPUS (Cornwall Family Magazine) – April 2014 wrote:

“Julia Reviews:

Little Kitchen Magicians.

It’s always been a running joke that I’m more than a little rubbish in the kitchen. In my defence, when you’ve got a Mum that could give Mary Berry a run for her money, and a would-be Michelin star chef for a husband, you’re going to be a little spoilt…and in my case lazy! Pre-mummyhood I admittedly revelled in my culinary inability, but as my obsession with what my daughter puts in her mouth has grown, so too has my wish for her to be more like Daddy than Mummy on this one. Time then to get comfy in an apron and help Amelie (and me!) get excited about cooking – cue Little Kitchen Magicians.

New to Cornwall’s foodie scene last year, Little Kitchen Magicians offers healthy cookery workshops designed especially for children aged between 2 – 5 and 5 – 8 years. Amelie and I picked ‘Design your own pizza wheel’ from the delicious menu of workshops and joined one of the regular Saturday morning sessions at Heartlands in Pool.

Looking cute in a chef hat and apron, and with freshly washed hands, Amelie was bursting with anticipation as she took her place in the mini brigade of chefs spaced around the table. As Lizzie, the mastermind behind Little Kitchen Magicians, showed the group how to make the pizza base, Amelie’s little fingers dived into the bowl and great fun ensued as she created a squidgy mixture. The kneading and rolling stage called for my inexperienced assistance, but as Lizzie did the rounds with words of advice, we safely managed to move onto the oh-so-tempting pizza toppings. A delicious assortment of chopped vegetables, meat and cheese was tasted, sprinkled, and tasted some more, by our young chefs. Lizzie introduced each ingredient and encouraged everyone to use whatever they fancied. After rolling and cutting the pizza into wheels (well done Mummy), Lizzie set the oven timers and used the cooking time to share tips on healthy meal ideas, while the smaller ones among us turned their talents to crafting pizzas from paper plates.

As Amelie smeared foam tomatoes and paper mushrooms in glue, Lizzie’s passion for healthy food and cooking was infectious as she explained that Little Kitchen Magicians is all about developing skills, learning nutritious recipes and most importantly, having fun with food. She had Amelie and I converted – now we just have to keep it up at home. There’s a cook in me yet!

Julia Hughes @julia_c_hughes”

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