Pirate FM: ‘Cornwall Tackles School Holiday Hunger’ Article

8:00am 14th August 2016
(Updated 8:00am 14th August 2016)

Children in Cornwall have been given a free meal to help struggling families during the summer holidays.

The project was held for primary children from Troon who usually get free meals during term time.

Lizzie Heath from Little Kitchen Magicians designed the programme, which was a healthy cookery workshop as well as a free meal.

It comes as statistics show more than half of parents in food poverty have gone without to feed their children.

Almost four million children in the country are currently living in ‘relative poverty’ according to government figures from 2014/2015.

Lizzie told Pirate FM she wants to roll the scheme further out across the Duchy in the future.

She said: “We are very grateful to have had backing and support of Tesco Pool Extra Store who kindly agreed to supply the food so we could pilot this workshop.”

The ‘school holiday workshop’ delivered a healthy cookery workshop where the children cooked their own meal of spaghetti and meatballs with homemade tomato and vegetable sauce. For dessert they had a piece of fruit and yoghurt.

Lizzie continued: “This not only gave them food but taught them about healthy foods, developed cookery skills and helped them with their maths (i.e. weighing, measuring), English (reading recipes) and science.

“It also gave them an opportunity to socialise with peers whilst we all sat together and ate a delicious, healthy and home cooked meal.

“We wanted to help these children; it’s such a distressing situation. We understand this was only one workshop but we really hope by increasing awareness of this situation facing our children, we will be able to support more children in Cornwall in the future. We must act, and increase their food wealth.”

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